Recovery Coach Certification Training


Starting Point offers distance learning for our Recovery Coach Certification course. Our training is crafted from evidence-based practices of leading industry professionals and offers participants authoritative resources from coaches and addiction professionals who are using these methods daily.


Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

Become a Certified Recovery Coach!

Includes all materials. Course pricing is affordable because we have eliminated travel and hotel expenses for students.

You will receive live training, either individually or in small groups online, and time spent working directly with a Master Coach at helping recovering people move away from the ravages of addiction.

Relapse Prevention Training Format & Topics

Participants will receive a powerful, strengths-based distance learning-based program that is changing the recovery aftercare professional landscape across the country. The course is aligned with national drug and alcohol aftercare recovery standards and federal treatment-oriented systems of care.

Our online course consists of 10 comprehensive learning modules, including syllabus and home-based support materials, all of which represent 30 hours of comprehensive training.

How to Enroll

Enrollment is completed when you pay for your course and provide your contact and other information. We will then contact you to set up your training session. Course payment is routed through PayPal and ensures that your purchase is protected and your financial information remains secure during purchase.

PayPal payments are fast, easy and secure. You may pay with a credit card via PayPal even if you don’t have an account. If you would like to set up an easy to manage payment plan for the course fee, you can set this up during checkout via PayPal Credit.