Rational Recovery Coach Specialist 8-25-18


Our training is crafted from evidence-based practices of leading industry professionals and offers participants authoritative resources from coaches and addiction professionals who are using these methods daily.


Our Rational Recovery Coach Specialist training complies with:

  • The requirements of MN Rule 245G.11, subdivisions 7(3) and 8
  • Best practices outlined by NAADAC, SAMHSA, NIDA and the National Center on Addiction & Substance Abuse
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Competencies taught:

  • Understanding recovery, the many paths to recovery, and the characteristics of a competent recovery coach.
  • Establishing the coaching relationship and focusing on client empowerment.
  • Coaching stages for change: committing clients to action.
  • Cognitive restructuring: challenging cognitive distortions.
  • Strength-focused coaching–using a client’s inner strengths to help them view options and take positive steps.
  • Motivational & Intentional Interviewing: person-centered method of getting clients to weigh the pros and cons of their behaviors and come to logical conclusions.
  • The Stages of Change Model: getting clients to move from a position of ambivalence to one of change.
  • Solution-focused questioning: asking coping and solutions questions that empower a client to envision a preferred and manageable future.
  • Trans-cultural competencies
  • Laws and professional boundaries

How to Enroll

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