Recovery Coaching Services


Are you just starting your journey to sobriety?

Relapse Prevention Through Recovery Coaching

Imagine that you had an experienced, reliable guide helping you stay sober in ways that work for you? Starting Point is an affordable, non-residential, relapse prevention program that offers supportive coaching and guidance for young adults and adults.

Starting Point has been designed for people in recovery who are in fear of relapsing or have relapsed. Our Master sobriety coach will help you develop the skills and coping plans you need to combat the desire to relapse and use drugs or alcohol.

Recovery coaching is a logical, low-cost aftercare option for those in recovery.  It is a continuation of care that was begun in treatment and now continues in the community. Even if you haven’t been in treatment, and simply want a helping hand in getting and staying sober on your own, we can help!

What is a recovery coach?

A Recovery Coach is a certified, non-clinical professional whose only concern is to help you answer the question, “Now that I’m sober, what’s next?” You may also see a recovery coach called a ‘sober coach’ or ‘sobriety coach’, which are both accurate.

Our coaches provide non-clinical recovery coaching services designed to guide and help you or your loved one move past barriers that get in the way of a relapse-free recovery and to heal a life harmed by addictive behaviors.

We understand your busy schedule and we are here to provide with one-on-one in-person coaching or we can integrate your coaching via Skype from the comfort of your own home, office or mobile device.  All coaching sessions are confidential.

Your recovery coach will:

  • Provide a safe and trusting environment for you and will help you establish a support system for yourself.
  • Provide evidence-based, relapse prevention tools and alternatives that will help you match your recovery goals with your individual mental and emotional strengths.
  • Reinforce your ability to understand the relapse process, recognize and address high-risk situations, and challenge the negative thinking that leads to a relapse.
  • Provide you with a personalized after-care plan that helps you confidently self-manage your life from the very first day of attendance.

Coaching Fees:

$79 – 30 minutes

$124 – 50 minutes

90-Day Coaching Package:

$1350 for our 90-day package of only $450 per month during the first, most critical days of recovery.

Our 90-day package includes:

  • A monthly service that includes 6 clinical sessions (2 per month. In-person, Facetime or Skype )
  • 6 email consultations (2 per month)
  • 2 couples or family coaching sessions, and
  • 1 self-reporting session, if you are subject to legal or professional probationary monitoring (Skype or telephone-based)

Starting Point is there for you, providing practical recovery skills and sobriety support every step of the way. We take your healing process very seriously.

We accept referrals from residential treatment facilities, adult and juvenile probation departments, school social workers and self-referred individuals who have been in treatment and are fearing a relapse.

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How does Starting Point differ from other recovery programs?

Starting Point is unlike any traditional aftercare program in that it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, Starting Point isn’t a ‘program’, but a paradigm shift in how recovery aftercare will be delivered in the future.

It does not proselytize or invoke any specific philosophical or spiritual principles. We believe that there are several pathways to achieving and maintaining sobriety and we use several evidence-based, scientific principles that have proven effective with high-risk clients.

Though we recognize the importance of a Higher Power in one’s overall wellness, we respectfully believe that given the insights, guidance, and support, our clients have the talent, potential, and power within them to take control of and responsibility for their future.

Whatever works for a client is the right way for recovery success, and at Starting Point there is no single ‘right way’ to approach your recovery.

Contact Starting Point today for more information about relapse prevention coaching. Relapse ends here!