“Nuggets”: A Powerful Animation About Addiction

2014-11-21T19:41:51+00:00By |Addiction|

It’s not clear what this creature’s drug of choice is—it’s represented by a golden nugget—but it could potentially be anything that is addictive, even caffeine, gambling or an addiction to making money.

“At first, this animated short seems rather pleasant: A kiwi encounters a golden nugget, and upon consuming it, feels a glorious sense of bliss. But as the bird continues to chase that first high, things quickly turn dark.

Nuggets is by German animator Andreas Hykade, who teaches animation at the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Animation and at Harvard University. It’s one of those wonderful examples of simple characters and design evoking something powerful.”

Source: io9

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Dr. Louis Gonzales is a behaviorist and president of Starting Point Inc. a recovery coaching academy in the business of helping people who are in need of rebuilding a life that was lost through addiction and other maladaptive behaviors. He is an international life and recovery coach trainer-of-trainers who is professionally educated and trained in behavioral theory and has been counseling and coaching others for change for over 25 years.