About Starting Point

About Starting Point

Recovery Coach Training Academy

Starting Point is a non-residential, relapse prevention coaching resource that offers workable solutions and peer support to young adults and adults.

Each and every day, families are confronting their loved one’s addictions. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction is a life-long disease in which relapses are often an expected occurrence. When relapse occurs, the person in recovery often needs to seek short-term treatment and counseling to get back to a safe and sober space.

Dr. Louis Gonzales, MN Sober Coach
Louis Gonzales, MS, PhD, CMLC
Certified Master Life Coach (CMLC)

We’re Ready to Help You!

Starting Point has been designed for teens, young adults and adults who, after  transitioning from a residential treatment facility or the justice system, are in fear of relapsing or have relapsed. Our non-residential after-care program provides recovering clients with the behavioral coping skills and an individualized relapse prevention plan that will help combat the desire to relapse.

Put Decades of Experience to Work for You

Our Master Life Coach Dr. Louis Gonzales relies on over 30 years of counseling and coaching experience to assist recovering clients in learning how the relapse process works and how it can often work against them. He then helps clients identify and challenge their maladaptive thinking patterns, and ultimately restructure the way they think about their self-destructive behaviors and life.

Mission and Goals

At Starting Point, our mission is to increase society’s understanding of how cognitive-based, aftercare treatment has become a critical component of recovery and how it serves as an effective method of enhancing a recovering teen’s maintenance of change when transitioning out of treatment for addiction or incarceration for drug or alcohol-related crimes.

Relapse prevention training exists to help individuals in recovery stay focused on their sobriety and avoid relapsing.

Starting Point believes that:

  1. Relapse does not happen by itself.
  2. Dysfunctional behaviors cannot be changed without first changing dysfunctional thinking.
  3. Recovery is near impossible when it is done alone.

Our overriding goal is to increase our clients’ understanding of the relapse process that is connected to the individual’s destructive behaviors. By exploring a range of choices, coping skills and techniques available, the client is helped in becoming better able to self-manage his/her life before those destructive patterns progress to a full relapse.

At Starting Point, our trained staff provides clients with a working five point plan that includes:

  1. Rational sober decision-making vs. addiction-focused problem solving.
  2. Managing addictive thinking.
  3. Managing addictive feelings.
  4. Managing addictive behaviors.
  5. Living a healthy lifestyle.

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